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Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains Gamecube Emulator pc emulator a total of 25 apps similar to VisualBoyAdvance. Saving is bugged; sometimes you’ll save and it will save perfectly, and it’s waiting for you when you come back. Other times, you’ll exit, and come back to find that you just spent 3 hours of your time for nothing.

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In case you are wondering, GBA (Game Boy Advance) was an upgraded version of Game Boy Colour and was able to run games that were more advanced. The handheld also had better color quality and more powerful hardware.

GBA was perhaps one of the most significant successes by Nintendo; allowing the gamers to play their favorite games anywhere they want. Well i also know the thing just like you had by doing some experiments and surfing although in my experiments i lost my saved games of pokemon roms.

  • There is also a libretro version of the latest VBA-M, which is slower but has fewer compatibility issues and regressions.
  • But let’s be real — there’s nothing better than gaming with a trusty controller in hand.
  • Mobile gaming on your phone often offers the flexibility of gaming everywhere just using touchscreen controls.

Game Boy/ColorWebsiteOfficial site (now redirects to forums), VBA LinkLicenseGNU GPLv2Source codeSourceForgeThe original VBA emulator is ancient and ceased development in 2004. VBA-M begun as a multiplayer branch of it to become ever since a continuation of VBA, as it is regularly updated.

It has no frontend on Linux but frontends just get in the way on MythTV. To load Game Genie, place gg.rom (may need renamed from "Game Genie (Unl).nes") in ~/.fceultra and add "-gg 1" to the player Command line above. And then after compilation has completed we can copy the VisualBoyAdvance binary from the source dir to our binary directory (ie /usr/local/bin/).

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Select "Run" and then "Game Boy Advance (VBA-M)." This will load the game using the VBA-M emulator. You can try the other emulators on the list, such as mGBA, if VBA-M isn’t giving you good performance.