GOOP suggests a snake that is“sacred” for better intercourse. We have concerns.

I didn’t make the term GOOPASUTRA up, but seriously it seems like natural milk pasta, which seems about because far from sexy that you can.

But snakes, right? I am talking about after you have endorsed a medium as genuine the next move is plainly a snake charmer. It is seriously a complete on traveling shit show of snake oil at GOOP.

See just what used to do here? Snake oil.

Most of the GOOPASTURA plus the GOOP Intercourse problem is all about the womanly. Evidently, being masculine is earning your very own cash and achieving views being feminine is giggling regarding the hard trip to the spa within the martinis with natural olives (natch) you lovingly hand made for the guy.

absolutely absolutely Nothing claims intimate empowerment more than Stepford. Okumaya devam…